My players enjoy using Knowledge skills to identify monsters and (legally) learn their abilities and weaknesses. In fact, one PC has this as a dedicated class ability. This page serves to link entries of creatures that have been identified, so that players can know what information they can use and exploit in character.

This is as per Pathfinder Core Rules, with the following nuance:

Basic success entitles you to know the creature’s proper name, type, and one basic fact about the monster (typically a weakness or defense, but in the absence of anything useful, some useful information will be gained). For every roll that exceeds the DC by 5, an additional fact will be learned. This does not count as an action, but must be requested by the player, and done on their turn. They can share this information with other players immediately as a free action (roughly 25 words). Rolls are made by the GM on behalf of the player, if the player has the correct Knowledge skill (or has a special ability that allows them unskilled rolls).

The Archivist archetype has special abilities not mentioned here, but are acknowledged/in use.

Creatures Identified


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